Mhamid – Douib – Erg Chiggaga (3 Days)

Gentle immersion in the desert, amazing landscapes and sites, convivial atmosphere.

This tour is designed to give you a gentle immersion in the desert. You’ll encounter amazing landscapes and sites, experience different facets of being in the desert and savor peaceful moments and tasty local meals!

day 1

Raz Nahal Palm Grove – Dunes of Douib (5h walk)

At 9 am we will head from Mhamid towards the Raz Nahal palm grove. This will be the day’s first destination. You will be riding your camels, guided by your local guide and accompanied with dromedaries: The best way to start immersing yourselves in the desert. Once at Raz Nahal palm grove, we will take our lunch. After some rest, you can enjoy climbing up small dunes all around.

Afterwards, we will head towards our next destination : Dunes of Douib. There we will set the camp and enjoy the evening and the dinner under the sheltering sky of the desert. We will spend the night right there at the camp in Douib.

day 1

Day 2

Dunes of Chiggaga (2h30 walk)

During the second day, you will have the occasion to further your immersion in the desert. In fact, you will have plenty of time to walk through the majestic dunes and get in touch with what they have to offer you : namely their grandiose landscapes, pure simplicity, eternal presence and healing silence. After your walk, comes lunch followed by a good moment of rest.

Later on, you can climb one of the highest dunes out there. From atop you will have the chance to admire the sunset, to overlook the dunes all round you and expand your horizon.

By the evening, you’ll be served dinner in a convivial atmosphere around the fire. And then, you’ll spend the night under comfortable tents in the bivouac of Chiggaga.

Day 2

Day 3

Erg Chiggaga – M’hamid

After breakfast, we will make the return in 4×4 to m’hamid where you will be towards 10h or 10h30.

Day 3



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