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New Year’s Eve

Day 1: M’hamid – the oasis – Bivouac Chigaga

Departure from M’hamid in a 4×4 vehicle around 2:00 p.m. at the dunes of Chigaga.

The ride on a track takes 2 hours with a break at the sacred oasis. Then we arrive at the large dunes to admire the sunset from the top of the highest (30 minutes walk to be reached). Return to the camp to have tea and listen to songs and enjoy the darboukas, evening dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 2: Camel trekking day and New Year’s Eve

In the morning, after breakfast, we go for a camel trek through the vastness of the Chiggaga dunes on foot for 2 hours or you can also ride a camel. Lunch takes place in the shade of the tamarisk trees. Then you can rest for a while and enjoy the dunes. Return to Camp Chiggaga in your tents and get ready for the New Year’s Eve party.

In the middle of the desert, New Years Eve takes place partly in the large tent of the Caidale restaurant for dinner and partly outside around the campfire for the aperitif and evening entertainment.

A delicious traditional dinner will be served to you: a “Harrira” soup, a barbecue (whole sheep simmered in a special oven: festive specialty), a couscous and for dessert “a basket of seasonal fruits”. Mineral water and a bottle of wine for 3 people are included. There will be tea and Moroccan pastries throughout the evening.

Animation: nomadic folklore evening, Sahraoui music, typical of the desert where you can draw inspiration from African rhythms that make you want to dance and which are played by young villagers. Night camping at the bivouac.

Day 3: Camp erg Chigaga – Mhamid

The next day after watching the sunrise over the dunes and having breakfast, you will take the return journey with a stop at the wells before returning to M’hamid at 11:00 am.

Business Offer

If you are traveling in business, we can easily find you the best way to reserve rooms for a corporate traveling – we can help you find best prices and rooms for a group trips. Just let us know beforehand when are you going to arrive and how many days to spend – we’ll make sure you are supplied with the best conditions. You’ll see that rest and work are not the opposite things!