Mhamid – Tamaris

Gentle immersion in the desert, amazing landscapes and sites, convivial atmosphere.

This camel trek is easy and short, yet enjoyable and rewarding! If you don’t have time or simply you want to live just one day in the desert, then this trek is for you!


From Mhamid to Tamaris

At 9 am, we set out our trek to a close Tamaris. The pace is slow and you’ll move smoothly on the sandy, golden and warm dunes. The rhythm is perfect to give you taste of what nomadic journeying through the desert looks like.
After around 3 to 4 hours of walking, we will reach the Tamaris : Time to rest, take lunch, enjoying the scenery and exploring the surrounding dunes.



From Tamaris to Mhamid

After lunch, rest and having fun climbing the dunes and overlooking the vast desert, we will go back to Mhamid always enjoying the amazing trek.




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  • All included