Mhamid – Erg Bertha (3 Days)

A slow and gentle immersion into the rhythms of the desert! open your heart and receive the gifts the desert is keeping for you!

Our desert is wide and resourcefull! In this tour we will take you to another dunes groupement : the Bertha erg! This is tour is designed to give the opportunity to walk in the desert! Enjoy!

Day 1

M’hamid – Elbour – Oued Naam (5h walk)

at 9 am, we will set off from Mhamid. You will be riding your dromedaries and walking up and down golden dunes. It’s a good time to get in touch with the rhythms of nomadic journeys. Our destination: The first palm grove in desert.

After arriving at the palm grove, you will rest and have your lunch. Afterwards, you’ll engage in a 3 hours walk to reach Elbour. Once there, we will set up our camp to spend the rest of the day. This will be a nice spot to admire palm trees, Tamaris and sunset.

Day 1

Day 2

Oued Naam – Erg Bertha (5h walk)

After a breakfast taken in the desert early in the morning, we will dismantle the camp, reload the dromedaries and start a new day of walking. Our destination : Naam wadi for picnic .

By the evening, we will arrive at the bivouac near Erg Bertham dunes. For more adventure, you can ride camels and have some fun exploring the spot.

Day 2

Day 3

Mezouaria – M’hamid (4h walk)

In the morning, and after breakfast, we will have a 3 hours walk to reach the small dunes of Mezouaria. We will take lunch there and have some rest. Afterwards, we will resume our walk towards M’hamid. A fixed bivouac will be awaiting us in the afternoon for a shower and a good deal of well deserved rest. By the evening dinner is served in a cozy atmosphere.

Day 3



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